WILLEMSTAD.- After almost 2 years in which DMO (Down Town Management) and SKO (Sociedad de Comerciantes de Otrobanda) won the public tender to manage parking in the city center, yesterday Minister Charles Cooper announced that he had signed an agreement with Willemstad Parkeerbeheer for the management of parking in Punda and Otrobanda. Minister Cooper indicated that Willemstad Parkeerbeheer is a combination of DMO and SKO. Willemstad Parkeer Beheer will work together with Securitas BV and Flowbird SAS to carry this out and expects it to be operational within a period of 5 months.

The intention is to implement a modern parking system, that is, “intelligent.” The aim of these two organizations is that what they collect from parking can be reinvested in the city center. Additionally, it will be more transparent and the government will receive its revenues. What is collected will go back to the city center to beautify it, fixing things. Because the government has no money to do anything. They have announced that they will not use many machines for parking, but rather the parking system will become “smart” as it is now worldwide. The organizations want to turn the city center into a “smart city” by introducing internet in Punda and Otrobanda. There will be wifi in Punda and Otrobanda. When parking, the system will be used and payment will be made for parking. You will search for the parking spot yourself. It will not be necessary to put coins in a machine and every time you drive you will have to go to a machine to put coins in it. Those who cannot use the “smart” system will have some machines to put coins in. Because the intention is to move towards a completely “cashless” parking in Punda and Otrobanda. They have also thought about tourists who do not have money on their phone to park through the system, they will be able to buy a ticket in a store. Thus, the system becomes pleasant and easy for everyone to go shopping in Punda and Otrobanda. The “smart” system is like it is worldwide. Even if the wifi does not work, it can still be connected to the parking system. The organizations want to achieve a modern city center without headaches for people. So, the way they want to do it is easier and not difficult for people. They will soon start charging for parking in the city center again.


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