In the area of Sint Michiel

WILLEMSTAD-  Yesterday, the Aqualectra team has inspected the area of Sint Michiel, particularly in “Kaya Bayete” for irregularities usage of utilities and water. Despite previous announcement and grace period, the team has encountered several ongoing illegal utilities connections. With this action, Aqualectra highlights their commitment to address irregularities and the stealing of utilities and water. The team consist of Aqualectra, Curaçao Corps Police, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


Those found guilty of stealing utilities or water can face significant fines, the cost of correcting installations, and possible legal action. Moreover, they have to pay for the unpaid utility usage during the period of irregularities and any outstanding fines.


The method of illegally connecting cables to transfer utilities is not only unlawful but also dangerous. Touching the meters of Aqualectra is a crime but to take it even further by connecting the cables is even worse. During previous checkpoints, the team has encountered well-hidden connections that highlights the need for deeper inspection of utility usage.

The responsibility for the meter lies with the property owner, emphasizing the importance of reporting any irregularities or suspicious activities related to utilities or water.  By notifying Aqualectra of any irregularities or change of usage in utility or water, individuals can prevent themselves from further consequences and ensure the fair and safe distribution of utilities and water to all residents and business.


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