WILLEMSTAD.-On Friday, April 5, 2024, in the morning, the Coast Guard received notification that a yola-type boat had landed on the coast in Ostpùnt, in the Hambrak area. Immediately, the Coast Guard informed the Curaçao Police, and together they dispatched ground patrols. Members of the Mountain Police Guard and U.S.T. units, along with the Coast Guard helicopter, headed to the location where undocumented individuals were observed.

During the day-long search, six (6) undocumented individuals were detained in the morning. A bag containing a firearm was found in the area.

In the afternoon and evening, the Coast Guard and the Police left the helicopter and patrols in the area and found seven (7) more individuals. In total, 13 undocumented persons were detained, consisting of 7 men and 6 women. One of the women is a minor. Twelve (12) of them are of Venezuelan nationality and one (1) is Colombian.

Among the group of undocumented individuals are people who have previously been deported from our island, and also a woman who has been sentenced for human trafficking.

All of these individuals were handed over to the Immigration Department, which will continue the investigation in this case.


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