WILLEMSTAD.-The Corendon Group has big and serious plans to establish itself and make the Corendon name forever prominent on this island. Corendon is a large company, and here in Curacao, we identify it with the hotel project in Otrobanda and now also with its airline. However, the Corendon Group decided to enter Scharloo, and it can be said that two months ago, at the beginning of January 2024, the consortium bought The Ritz Village in Scharloo. This EXTRA information could be understood by their informants, which was also confirmed by Mr. Norman Serphos, who is in charge of communication at Corendon.

Naturally, this is a multimillion-dollar move, which the management itself disclosed. According to Mr. Serphos, there is no doubt that this group, and mainly its CEO, Mr. Atilay Uslu, loves this country called Curacao, and this is another proof. Returning to the topic of The Ritz Village sale, according to Mr. Serphos, the group has a comprehensive plan for the hotel’s remodeling. Enough money will be invested in the facilities, consisting of 125 rooms, to make it more attractive, and this is a project that will last approximately 2 years.

As it is already known, in November 2023, Corendon started operating its flights, using an Airbus A350-900 with 432 seats at super economical prices. So far, external agencies have been selling tickets for Corendon. But the company decided that it will soon switch to its own travel agency through which it will sell its tickets. This will also be a way to save on expenses.


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