Coast guard with patrol all day

WILLEMSTAD – The situation of the undocumented persons trying to enter our island by sea, is an alarming situation. The trip that the undocumented must make from Venezuela to the ABC islands is a very dangerous one, the sea is very rough, the boats most of the time are not sufficiently equipped to make these trips and take too many people on board in an irresponsible way and without proper safety material.

This implies a huge risk for those on board. For this reason, the coastguards are patrolling day and night and place all their units available to ensure security in the territorial waters of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire.

The coastguards urges anyone who observes something suspicious at sea or on the coasts, call 913. The boats on the sea can also be reached at the Coast Guard Rescue and Coordination Center, via VHF 16 at the moment that detect any suspicious activity at sea.

With the help of the community and others, we can help to have a safer island.