Curacao signs agreement with USA as logistical hub for humanitarian aid

WILLEMSTAD.- The Prime Minister of Curacao Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath signed an agreement on Friday, representing the Netherlands Kingdom with the ambassador of the US in the Netherlands Mr. Pete Hoekstra who is visiting the island right now. This agreement aligns what was been discussed and agreed upon for Curacao acting as hub for the products for Venezuela.

The content of the agreement describes the conditions and in what context Curacao will serve as the humanitarian hub.  The agreement is based on the conditions which were debated between the government and Parliament. The agreement emphasizes that the transportation of merchandise for the humanitarian aid from Curacao to Venezuela can take place only if the circumstances makes it possible and if the distribution in Venezuela can be arranged in an orderly manner.

Once again the humanitarian nature of the aid is important as well as the use of civic transportation means. The Forward Operating Location (FOL) at Hato will not be used. The FOL is only for the fight against drugs.

The US will pay for the expenses regarding the humanitarian aid for Venezuela. In case it’s possible some merchandise for the humanitarian aid will be bought locally.