WILLEMSTAD – Authorities continue with the intensive search of undocumented people on our island. Yesterday, the public order maintenance team was called to the area of Grenadaweg in Buena Vista after receiving information that at least two houses are hosting groups of undocumented people.

Upon the arrival of the patrols, a man immediately fled. The police chased the man on foot and finally arrested him. That person had no documents in his possession.

The man told the police that he could not enter the house because his other companions had not reached the house and therefore had no key to enter. Afterwards, he did not want to speak or make any other statements, only replying to the authorities> “I do not know”. . After searching the house, the police did not find any more illegals and opted to take the man to the police headquarters. The man was delivered to the immigration department and is now pending deportation.


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