WILLEMSTAD.- Girobank was not favored with the judicial process that they initiated against the former Financial Director of Girobank. This means that what the bank was willing to obtain with the ‘claim’ against this person for the sum of 10 million guilders is no longer valid. After Girobank learned of the doubtful activities that took place and that said activity damaged the bank for $ 10,260,000 an order was immediately taken against the Chief Financial Officer and also the Chief Executive Officer of the Bank.

This case was brought against these two Bank Directors. It is a process that began some years ago and at the end of the recent month of February 2019, the Court concluded its investigation. It is a verdict that consists of 8 widely motivated folios of the file, about what happened in that case. It should be noted that it is a very technical legal verdict that indicates how the money was handled and what bank address this money took.

Although the bank movements create a dubious impression, even the Judge did not find the Chief Financial Officer responsible for what happened. With regard to the Director General, the Judge based his decision on the basis of Art.25Fb and rejected ‘the complaint’, which existed against the Financial Director. Girobank now has to compensate with a sum of 24,000 thousand guilders in process costs and Lawyers to the former Financial Director of the bank.


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