WILLEMSTAD.- The Curaçao Police Force rates very poorly on different areas, in the survey that the Ombudsman of Curaçao did to evaluate how the community experiences the Government Service. In the meeting 11 questions that had to do with different aspects of the service that the citizen receives. According to 68% of the participants, the service derived from the police is bad, according to 19% of the participants the service is insufficient, 13% is of the opinion that the service is good. Many participants were very negative about the total time it takes the police to provide the service. According to 70% this is so insufficient it should be qualified as bad. According to 25% the service is sufficient, and 3% consider it good.

Many participants in the survey were negative about the availability of the organization via e-mail, Internet (according to 42% is very poor to bad) and telephone (according to 55% it is very insufficient to bad).

On the other hand, the participants were positive about some other points. Like the presentation: “The Organization showed me in a clear way my rights and obligations”, 49% of the participants indicated that they agreed or completely agree with this statement. Also, out of a total of 57% agreed or completely agree with the statement. The Organization treated me with respect”. In total 17% did not agree with this statement.


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