WILLEMSTAD – Yesterday Curacao Detective Corps Officers made three (3) arrests related to an important investigation, among others the misuse of functions and filtering information. This is the investigation that is now called “Football” in which a policeman was arrested among others at Hato airport. It is about F.A.W. (Curacao 33 years).

Continuing with the investigation, a Customs officer in training was also arrested, J.N.P.H. (Curacao 26 years). The merchant U.I.P. (Curacao 50 years) was also detained.

Raids were held at several directions: Gosieweg, Siberia, 2 address in Sans Souci and Kashutuin.

The Detective Corps of Curacao got support during the action of the police officers (KPC), the Anti-Undermining Team (TBO) and the Caribbean Defense.

Drugs, documents and other items of importance for the investigation were confiscated.

The investigation “Football” imitated after information was received about the misuse of functions, filtering of information and illegal practice in which a public official is involved.

The Detective Corps is an investigative unit with a special task that gives itself, among others, vigilance on the ethical behavior and integrity of its officials in the public administration. The detective body only conducts this investigation when the Attorney General (PG) instructs to do so.

Administrative Corruption constitutes a threat to the existence of a country. The Corps of Detectives and the Public Ministry of Curacao gives priority to this type of corruption cases.


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