WILLEMSTAD.- The reconstruction works of the roads that are planned for 2018 must be carried out since they have priority and it should be avoided that the funds destined to the budget of 2018 for said works, is lost. The Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, Mrs. Zita Jesus-Leito, regrets the inconvenience of reconstruction that the area of Sta. Rosaweg is causing and asks for understanding. It is a phase of complete reconstruction of Sta. Rosaweg. The current part extends from Kaya Kolonchi to Apollostraat.

Meanwhile, last Friday, a better solution was reached to divert traffic on the street so that the work could continue. In addition, in general the Public Works (OW) will work with all contractors involved in the projects to repair the roads and gain time working on the shortest possible roads, in order to avoid the amount of inconvenience. For example, in the Sta.Rosaweg project the work will be done in less time, that is 4 weeks instead of 6 weeks.

It was also considered the possibility of analyzing, if it is possible to work on other less frequented roads that require repair, but it is not possible because a public tender was not held and a new public tender would take time. For this reason, the works must continue.

OW plans the reconstruction of roads months in advanced. In this planning and based on an analysis of the state of the roads, they decide which ones have priority. When this is decided, the process of the public tender begins and the contractor (s) are selected, who will do the work, and the conversations begin. OW together with the contractors and the Police Force plan the route changes and attend the necessary permits.

This year this process took place, but due to the current financial challenge, the works have found a delay and it is until now, almost reaching the end of the year that they have been able to start such works. The funds are in the 2018 budget and will not automatically go to the 2019 budget.

Minister Jesus-Leito asks for understanding for the inconvenience that the reconstructions may cause in the coming weeks. Every effort will be made to minimize discomfort. In addition, according to the information that the Minister Jesus-Leito offered since September regarding this, they will also begin with the repairs of several other roads in the coming weeks, including JB Gorsiraweg next week, which is the road that passes in front of Casa Kuna, ENNIA and the American Embassy.


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