Djaweps, Yüni 20, 2024

Three men detained with firearms and drugs

WILLEMSTAD - As a result of a good job done by authorities, three Latino men have been arrested after a large amount of firearms...

Police agent detained among others for leaking information

WILLEMSTAD - Yesterday Curacao Detective Corps Officers made three (3) arrests related to an important investigation, among others the misuse of functions and filtering...

Venezuela’s street barbers struggle to make ends meet

Under a bridge in a Caracas street market, barbers make their living with a razor, a mirror and a plastic chair, giving a brush-up...

4-year-old of a married LGBT couple in danger of deportation

WILLEMSTAD - The FOKO Foundation wrote an urgent letter to the Minister of Justice Quincy Girigorie, imploring him to comply with the spirit and...

The smell of gasoline may vary but the quality is in accordance with specification

WILLEMSTAD - Curoil is reacting on the claims that have been presented the last days on social media regarding the smell of gasoline. Curoil...

Celebrity chef, food critic Anthony Bourdain dead at 61: CNN

Food author and travel host Anthony Bourdain has committed suicide while traveling in France, according to the television network CNN for which he took...

Werner Wiels apologizes to the Jewish community

WILLEMSTAD - Werner Wiels apologizes to the local Jewish community after issuing certain particular expressions pronounced during this week’s press conference. In a meeting with...

‘Accident’ caused global baby milk scare, says French company

The head of the French company at the centre of an international baby milk scandal denied Friday that it was responsible for the contamination...

Netanyahu warns Assad on Iranian presence in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad  was "no longer immune" from retaliation, while declaring the Iran nuclear deal over after Washington...

Erdogan facing genuine challenge in Turkey polls

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is facing an unexpectedly tight contest in this month's Turkish elections, with opponents showing a new-found unity and his charismatic main rival...



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