WILLEMSTAD.- – After the children Carnival, full of color and a couple of weeks of many turbulences, Curaçao is arriving at the Carnival’s Grand Parade. A party that unites much of our people. The Council of Churches is aware that it is a great manifestation of creativity, artistic talents and musical compositions, which put people up on the streets, work together to watch and enjoy this party.

Carnival for certain people is also the time of the flesh, leaving the body loose, then take time to give food to spiritual reflection, break with material addictions and raise the level of morality in Lent. There are a number of people who indulge in the passions of the flesh and let them out for a few days. For this reason, the Council of the churches begs the people not to lose their heads and pay attention to all the existing rules for the maintenance of public order during this celebration.

Let everyone who participates take care and drink enough water, watching how many hours are spent in the sun to experience the parades. This party should not affect the behavior of morality in such a way that we lose ourselves, and fail in different ways with our health, safety and the happiness of others.

Drinking liquor exaggeratedly along with the use of the drug influences your own health and that of the families of those with this vice. Driving under the influence of alcohol and other types of drugs endangers our traffic, increasing levels of violence and driving with crazy behavior without need. Why endanger your own life and that of others during the carnival party, “union party”?

The Council of Churches raises a strong appeal in the community so that we all offer respect to others and to ourselves. An extra request goes to the parents in such a way to pay attention to their children. The word of God says in Corinthians 6.19: Do you not know that your bodies is the temple of the Holy Spirit? God gave you your own Holy Spirit that lives in you. You are not yours: 20 God bought you and paid the price! Use your bodies to glorify God. Let us leave in the time of God, that this Carnival our people behave themselves in a way that demonstrates our human dignity and so that each of us is an example for the other. With God protecting us in this season and maintaining a time of peace for each and every one.



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